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Commit to Feeling Great in the New Year!

When January 1st rolls around, so do the New Year’s resolutions.  People usually focus on health-related goals such as eating healthier, quitting smoking, losing weight, or fitness. How about committing to feeling more youthful and confident with a quality skin care regime, an anti-aging procedure, or finally getting to that cosmetic facial procedure that you have been putting off for years?

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle to make you feel great on the inside, looking more fresh and youthful on the outside will increase your confidence and be a great boost for your self esteem.

How you can do this?

  1. Use high quality cosmetics that will stimulate new collagen and soften the appearance of fine lines. Choose products that contain Vitamins C, E, A, and AHAs. Call us for more information about the Obaji Nu-Derm Skin Care System – it is designed to correct damage on all of the layers of the skin.
  2. Always use sunscreen. Even if the sun is hiding, the UV rays aren’t.
  3. Get Botox – Say goodbye to crows feet, worry lines, and laugh lines. It’s amazing what a difference this can make!
  4. Facial Fillers – Reduce or possibly eliminate deep wrinkles with Juvederm.
  5. Lip Enhancement – Get the look of a provide a fuller lip line or more defined features.
  6. Book a consultation to speak with a doctor about that cosmetic facial procedure that you have always been curious about – whether it be cheek implants, a chin implant, or jaw profile surgery. Even if you don’t want to commit right away, or need time to save money, you will at least have the information and be getting the ball rolling in the right direction!

So start the year off right and put your best foot forward in sticking to your new year’s resolution! Cheers to a safe, prosperous, and healthy 2016!


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