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Be Proactive – Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal in the Summer!

Time flies, and even though it’s only February, it will be summer before you know it!  This is the perfect time to start thinking about booking an appointment to get your children’s wisdom teeth extracted.

After a wisdom tooth surgery, there is a period of recovery.  If this happens during the school year, missed days and missed classes can lead to stress. Scheduling in the summer means there is plenty of time for rest and relaxation vs. worrying about upcoming exams and missed assignments.

Plus, if your children are leaving for college or university, you want them to be fully recovered vs. being away from home, having to deal with pain or a problem that could erupt when they are by themselves.  It will give you peace of mind to know that they are completely healed in your presence.

One of the risks to be cautious of is referred to as “dry socket” which occurs when the blood clot from the surgical site has been dislodged.  Other complications may include swelling and bleeding. The more time for rest that the patient has, the less of a chance of something going wrong.

If you are in the Vancouver / Surrey area, call us for more information about wisdom teeth removal today!

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