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Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

The term “cancer” is enough to give anyone a panic attack.  This is why it is so important to get regular checkups and see the doctor if something ever feels off anywhere in your body.  This goes for your mouth too.  Like with other many other cancers, if detected early enough, chances of successful treatment are good.

When dentists examine your mouth, they look for signs of cancer – but since it is your body – it is also up to you to point out any concerns or abnormalities you may have noticed.  This includes the tongue, throat, mouth, lips, salivary glands, sinuses, pharynx, and larynx.

If you discover any of the following signs or symptoms, visit your doctor immediately:

  • Lumps, sores, thick patches, or swelling anywhere in or around your mouth or throat
  • The uncomfortable feeling that something may be stuck in your throat
  • Lingering sore throat or issues with your voice
  • White or red lesions on your lips or mouth
  • The uncomfortable feeling that something may be stuck in your throat
  • Pain, tenderness, or numbness on your tongue or in and around your mouth
  • Pain in one of your ears
  • Difficulty swallowing, chewing, or speaking
  • Trouble moving your jaw or tongue
  • Loose teeth

Tobacco can put you at a much higher risk for oral cancer.  Stats show that up to 90% of people who have oral cancer consume tobacco.  Another great reason to quit this terrible habit!

Heavy alcohol use can also be a contributing factor…and this increases if you use both tobacco and alcohol.

It is very important to have a diet high in nutrients.  People who are deficient in healthy foods are also at a higher risk and do not have as strong of an immune system.

In sum, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, eat healthy, practice good oral hygiene, and keep an eye open for anything unusual.  It is always better to get something checked out even if you aren’t sure that it may be serious…than to not get it checked at all.

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