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Why You Should Try the Obaji Nu-Derm Skin Care System

Millions of people have reaped the benefits of the Obagi Nu-Derm Skin Care System. Do you want to know if this would be a great addition to your life too?

The Obaji Nu-Derm System:

  • Can correct fine lines
  • Can correct the hyperpigmentation related to the sun or hormones (melasma)
  • Can help restore skin complexion
  • Can help produce dermal collagen

What are the Key Benefits?

  • It sloughs off dead cells and stimulates creation of new cells
  • It supports the body’s natural rejuvenation and regeneration process
  • It contributes to a more youthful complexion, as it reveals healthier and younger skin
  • It helps cleanse layers of the skin of impurities, which helps to tone and balance the skin
  • It treats specific skin problems
  • It is great for hydration
  • It protects the surface of the skin

Aging is inevitable, but with the Obaji Skin Care System, you can at least slow it down, protect your skin better, and maintain your youthfulness for a longer period of time.

Treatment is usually four to five months, but this can vary depending on the needs of each patient.

It can also be a great addition to anyone who has undergone any type of cosmetic facial surgery.

To get the Obaji Skin Care System in Surrey, call us at New England Oral & Cosmetic Facial Surgery!




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