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Cheers to a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2017!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season…and we are sending you our best wishes for a fabulous 2017!

Many people make new year’s resolutions that tend not to stretch much further than January.  We have a great idea for a resolution for you, however, that you would actually be able to keep!

How about making a resolution to look and feel your very best?  Sounds awesome, right? 

  • What have you been putting off that that you have been wanting to try in terms of an anti-aging treatment?

  • Are you unhappy with your teeth and have been considering dental implants?

  • Would you prefer to have a slimmer or a more defined jawline?

  • How about cheek implants for more prominent looking cheekbones?

  • Chin augmentation to achieve a more balanced face?

  • Longer, thicker eyelashes to make your eyes really pop and take the hassle out of stick on lashes?

Whatever you have been thinking about, we encourage you to go for it!  You will likely love your results so much, you’ll be asking yourself “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

Located in the Surrey area?

You can check out our full range of services at New England Oral & Facial Surgery then call us for an appointment to book a consultation and get the ball rolling: 604-507-0514.



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