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Not Enough Jawbone Volume to Get Dental Implants?


As you know, there is no better solution for missing teeth than dental implants. They replace your missing roots and support the artificial teeth. This results in having the closest possible thing to real teeth.

However, in order for your dental surgeon to be able to provide you with dental implants, you need to have enough jawbone to support them. This adequate amount of jawbone needs to be in the right location, and of proper width and height.

Why don’t some people have enough jawbone?

  • Injury – if you have suffered with an infection or a blow to your jaw, it can cause your bone to recede
  • A bad case of periodontal disease (gum disease) – this can permanently damage your and lead to instability of the teeth
  • Tooth removal – if you have had teeth extracted, you may have lost bone in this area…also known as a “bone defect”

    Good news! There is a solution!

    The solution is called “bone grafting”. This procedure restores your receded or damaged jawbone by increasing the height and width of your jawbone. Basically, it fills in the voids and defects in your bone.

    What does bone grafting do?

  • Corrects deformities
  • Stabilizes and helps restore the foundation of the jaw
  • Restructures your bone to provide added support
  • Limits or prevents bone recession
    If you are interested to come in for a consultation for bone grafting and/or dental implants in Surrey, please call us: 604-507-0514
    . You’ll be one step closer to having the smile of your dreams!

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