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Are You Worried About The Thought of Getting Dental Implants?


So, you’re worried about getting dental implants? Sure, the idea of getting dental implants can seem overwhelming, but let us assure you that it’s a pretty minor procedure. Everything is mapped out ahead of time, all of your questions are answered, and you will be in the hands of a professional dental surgeon.

People often get anxiety thinking about the pain level, but your surgeon will numb the area with local anesthesia. That means that you will be awake, comfortable, and aware, without having to worry about being put to sleep. You can also ask your surgeon for an anti-anxiety pill or sedative to help you feel calm.

You don’t have to stress about the pain after the oral implant surgery is complete because most people find ibuprofen or aspirin to be adequate for managing any discomfort.

Dental implant sites heal quickly and successfully. A few weeks after your surgery date, your bone integration will take place, your surgeon will attach the crown, and then you’ll be set with the dream smile you always wanted!

Ready to take the plunge? Contact us for a consultation for dental implants in Surrey: 604-507-0514.

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