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The healing of your skin will take approximately 7-10 days depending on the depth of your peel. Your total recovery time will be approximately 1-6 weeks. Avoid making facial expressions, such as smiling or opening the mouth wide, for this may cause cracks and fissures. Sleep on your back and avoid being struck on the face with the shower water spray while bathing. You should arrange an office visit one week after the peel is done; in order for Dr. Bahi to evaluate the results of your chemical peel.

Expected Reactions

Some common reactions are, swelling, oozing, redness, tight skin, rough skin, itching, and scabbing.

Washing and
Care of Your Face

Your face should be washed gently, twice daily (morning and night), avoid rubbing, using the gentle cleanser you have in your ZO kit and warm or cold water. Midmorning and mid-afternoon apply antiseptic compresses for 2 minutes. Your face should then be rinsed and patted dry with a soft cloth. Showers are permitted as long as the water and shampoo are kept away from your face.

The following should be added to your daily regimen in caring for your face from the ZO Kit.
3 days after the peel start washing with Foamacleanse
6 days after the peel start applying the Retin A and Melamix
9 days after the peel start applying Melamin
After the clear is added for 3 days you can start using your ZO Kit as normal with the exception of the Glycogent which should not be used until 6 weeks after the chemical peel

These instructions might be modified by Dr. Bahi after your one week office visit depending upon how your skin is reacting to the chemical peel.


After an Obaji blue peel, a non-oil based moisturizer can be used and applied 3-4 times a day. Your skin should be kept comfortable, not too dry, to avoid cracking, but not too moist.


Thick scabs should be prevented by keeping them as thin as possible. DO NOT rub or force off the scabs. Men should shave daily to prevent further scabbing.


Dr. Bahi has prescribed three medications for you to take after your peel. One is a steroid to prevent swelling, an antiviral, and an antibiotic both to prevent infections. It is very important to take the medication until it is finished.

If problems do occur
Severe pain after your peel may indicate infection. Please call the office immediately

Contact Information

It is our desire that your recovery be as smooth and pleasant as possible. Following these instructions will assist you, but if you have questions about your progress, please call the office at Surrey Office Phone Number 604-507-0514. Please try to call during office hours; however a 24-hour answering service is available for after hours contact with Dr. Bahi. For after hours please call Surrey Office Phone Number 604-507-0514 and then press 1 when the recording begins.