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After Lip Enhancement
Or Wrinkle Fillers

Lip Enhancement &
Wrinkle Filler Aftercare Information

Remember Juvéderm is temporary and follow-up treatments may be needed. Make an appointment to see Dr. Bahi one week after the procedure to review your results.

How you will feel

Swelling may be pronounced, lasting for two or three days. Some mild pain can be experienced, but will be gone within hours.

Diet instructions

Resume your normal diet.


You will not need any
 prescriptions afterwards.

If problems
do occur

Unmanageable pain, as well as symptoms that are progressive or abnormal, should be reported to Dr. Bahi immediately.

Contact Information

It is our desire that your recovery be as smooth and pleasant as possible. Following these instructions will assist you, but if you have questions about your progress, please call the office at Surrey Office Phone Number 604-507-0514. Please try to call during office hours; however a 24-hour answering service is available for after hours contact with Dr. Bahi. For after hours please call Surrey Office Phone Number 604-507-0514 and then press 1 when the recording begins.