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Choosing the anesthetic that is right for you will be decided jointly by you and Dr. Bahi.  The decision is based on your needs with regard to physical comfort as well as emotional comfort.  Dr. Bahi is highly trained and experienced in all types of anesthesia including general anesthesia, comfort sedation, nitrous oxide and local anesthesia.  Do not confuse this with what many offices advertise as “sleep dentistry”.  Sleep dentistry is a very mild form of sedation and the patient does not fall asleep.  In our office we employ anesthesiologists, registered nurses and trained dental staff.  All of our doctors are certified in advanced cardiac life support and CPR.  Our office is a fully accredited general anesthesia facility.  If you are considering any form of sedation at our facility or any dental facility you should ensure the facility is certified by the College of Dental Surgeons and the staff surgeons are certified in advanced cardiac life support.

You should stop eating solid foods 8 hours prior to surgery

You must stop all liquids INCLUDING water 3 hours before surgery

You may have ONE GLASS OF CLEAR LIQUIDS (apple juice, water, etc…) between 3 to 8 hours before surgery. Absolutely NO liquids that are cloudy like orange juice, milk, cream etc.  3 to 8 hours before surgery.