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***The process below is a general guideline but it can be modified based upon each patient’s circumstances.  However this guideline gives you a good idea of the process involved, we will go into more detail at your consultation.

Initial Consultation: 1st Visit with Dr. Bahi

At this visit, dental surgeon Dr. Bahi will listen to your concerns and discuss with you whether he feels you are a good candidate for any of the advanced treatments he can offer.

You will also be required to fill out a patient chart for your overall medical history when you come in for your consultation; therefore please try to arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Our staff will also take a CT Scan of your jaw and gather any additional information they may require from you.  After Dr. Bahi has all this information, he will look it over carefully and come up with the best option for your situation.

The fees and time involved for this option will be presented to you in writing within one week of the consultation via mail, fax or email based on your preference.   Our Dental Implant Coordinator can then answer any additional questions you may have over the phone or you can come into the office for further clarification if you prefer.

Second Visit

If you decide to move forward with the option presented to you, we will then book a second appointment.  This second appointment can be for further planning if your case is large or complicated.  Or the second visit can be for the actual procedure, and placement of implants.

Usually we require further planning if you are receiving a full set of implants for your lower or upper jaw.  If you have other complications such as not enough bone for the placements of implants or if a sinus lift is required then the second appointment will be to correct this problem before moving forward with the placement or planning.

If you are placing one to two implants and your case has no complications, usually this can be done at your second visit.  We will place the implant into your jaw and put a covering on it while the implant heals which takes 4-6 months.

Third Visit

One to two implants:   This visit usually occurs 4-6 months after we have placed your implant.  At this visit Dr. Bahi will check to see that the implant has healed and bonded to your bone.   He will then take the temporary covering off the implant and attach a post to which the artificial teeth will be attached.   Your dentist will attach the artificial teeth to the implant, this will complete your process.

Full Upper Jaw or Full Lower Jaw:  This visit will involve placement of the implants into your jaw.  A temporary denture will then be placed on the dentures while your implants heal.

Fourth Visit

Dental Implant Surgery in Surrey

(For patients receiving full upper jaw or full lower jaw implants only)

This visit usually occurs 4-6 months after we have placed your implants.  At this visit Dr. Bahi will check to see that the implants have healed and he will take the temporary denture off.  You will then see a denturist or dentist to place the permanent teeth onto your implants.  This should complete your process.

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