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Cheek Implants

Cheek Implants
in Surrey

Many individuals desire prominent cheek bones to highlight the features of their facial appearance. “High cheek” bones are considered esthetically pleasing and give the appearance of a tapered face.  Small implants can be used to improve the cheek profile in a short surgical procedure that can be completed with local freezing or under sedation.

There are many techniques for the placement of facial implants, however most lack the ability to precisely examine the native underlying bone to achieve symmetry of size and position.  Dr. Bahi’s technique is to create a small access opening to the cheek bones from inside the upper lip.  The tremendous advantage to this access point is that it is painless to the patient, it does not leave a noticeable scar and it allows direct visualization of the patient’s cheek bone structure, alteration of asymmetry and precise positioning and fixation (with bone tacks) of the implant.

Once healed, the implants look and feel like the patients NORMAL bone structure. The oral incision is closed with sutures (stitches) that are resorbable (melt away on their own).

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