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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Not Enough Jawbone Volume to Get Dental Implants? Bone Grafting is the Answer!

Dental implants are the perfect solution for missing teeth. They replace missing roots and support the artificial replacement teeth, resulting in the ideal functional and cosmetic solution.

That said, in order to get dental implants, you must have adequate bone in the right location, of proper width, and height.  Some people do not have the necessary bone to support the implants.

Some factors that affect jawbone volume include:

  • Tooth Extraction – patients who have had teeth extracted may lose bone surrounding the extraction area during the next few years after. This loss of bone is what is known as a “bone defect”.
  • Periodontal Disease – also known as gum disease, a bad case of periodontal disease can affect and permanently damage the jawbone that supports the teeth. This can lead to instability of the teeth.
  • Dental and/or Physical Injury – Infections and blows to the jaw can cause the bone to recede.

However, if you have any of these problems, there is still hope! You can get a procedure called “bone grafting” to restore the receded or damaged jawbone. Bone grafting can increase the height or width of the jawbone and fill in voids and defects in the bone.

Bone grafting:

  • Stabilizes and helps restore the foundation of the jaw
  • Corrects deformities
  • Restructures the bone to provide added support
  • Can limit or prevent bone recession

Your dreams of natural looking teeth through dental implants can still be a reality!  Call us to book a consultation to discuss dental implants and bone grafting today and be one step closer to smiling with confidence.


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