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Do You Get Migraines? Botox May Help!

Woman with severe Migraine Headache holding hands to head

No one is a fan of headaches, let alone a migraine. If you get migraines, you have likely searched high and low for anything and everything to ease your pain.

Did you know that Botox works as a remedy for some people with chronic migraines?

(Chronic = getting around 15 headaches per month, with about half of those being classified as migraines or clusters.)

You’re probably thinking “I thought Botox was just used for wrinkles and anti-aging?!”

Studies have been conducted which have shown that Botox has effectively cut down the number of headaches for migraine-sufferers, including allowing them “pain-free” days, overall. It apparently works by blocking neurotransmitters, which carry pain signals from your brain, stopping the chemicals before they get to the nerve endings around your head and neck. Kind of like a roadblock.

Where is the Botox placed?

The Botox injections are placed around your head and neck area. The number of injections varies, but you may get 30 to 40, on average. People often see results two to three weeks after treatment.

Be sure to receive these injections from a doctor who is trained specifically for this reason and book a consultation to ask them all questions you may have about it.

What if I just want an appointment in Surrey for Botox for anti-aging purposes?

As for being proactive in your anti-aging regimen to prevent wrinkles, as well as for smoothing out your skin where wrinkles currently exist, come see us at New England Oral & Cosmetic Facial Surgery! Botox is sure to boost your confidence and make you appear more rested and youthful!

Book an appointment today for Botox in Surrey: 604-507-0514.

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