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Have You Heard of Bone Grafting?


People get bone grafting when they don’t have enough jawbone volume needed to support dental implants.

Why may some people experience loss of jawbone volume?

Reasons include:

  • Tooth removal
  • Gum disease
  • Some type of dental of physical injury

And not only do they need to have enough jawbone … it also needs to be placed in the right location and be of the proper height and width. 

With bone grafting, you can:

  • Limit or prevent bone recession
  • Stabilize and help restore the foundation of your jaw
  • Correct deformities
  • Restructure the bone to gain added support

So as you can see, your dreams of natural looking teeth via dental implants can still be a reality if lack of jawbone volume!  Call us to book a consultation and be one step closer to smiling with confidence.

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