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Does Everyone NEED to Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?


The question that so many people have when the conversation of wisdom teeth comes up: Does Everyone NEED to Get Their Wisdom Teeth Extracted? does everyone need to get wisdom teeth removed

Your wisdom teeth are your third molars that don’t pop up from your gumline until late in adolescence…and possibly not even into your 20’s. With evolution, people have had less of a need for these specific teeth, so our jaws have compensated for this.

These molars get a bad rap because they are known for causing problems (not to mention, an extra expense if removed).

That said, not everyone will need to get their wisdom teeth removed. If your jaw is large enough to accommodate them and you have no problems when they erupt, it would not be necessary.

How can you have reassurance that you do not need to get them removed?

Well, for starters, if you have zero symptoms indicating a sign of a problem. Secondly, if your dentist looks at your x-rays and determines that your wisdom teeth are in a good, healthy position. Just because you may not have symptoms, it doesn’t guarantee that everything is ok. Get a proper x-ray to give you peace of mind.

The bad news? Well, few and far between won’t have to have their wisdom teeth removed. The majority will, so it’s best to be prepared and accepting of the possibility.

Ask questions at your next dental visit to know where you stand in terms of your wisdom teeth, as well as the removal options available.

If you are located in Surrey, book a consultation with us at New England Cosmetic Oral & Facial Surgery for wisdom teeth removal: 604-507-0514.



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