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Chemical Peels Can Do Wonders for Your Complexion


Who doesn’t want a flawless complexion, right? It keeps us looking more youthful, vibrant, and gives us a healthy glow…not to mention, makes us feel more confident.

You have likely heard the term “chemical peel” before, but they have come a long way over the years. Back in the day, people may have found them to be more painful and possibly even leaving skin quite raw. Formulas have since been refined, thanks to technology, and are now easier on your skin.

The main goal of chemical peels today is not to just create a ton of visible peeling…but moreso to infuse the skin with rich ingredients to decrease lines, improve skin tone, and build collagen.

There are also different types and levels of chemical peels. Lighter peels are more focused on removing superficial wrinkles, whereas medium and deep peels are for more serious conditions that you want to correct. Deeper peels obviously take more healing time (and would cause more peeling), but your technician can advise you as to what level would work best for what you are trying to achieve.

Benefits of Chemical peels:

  • Are great for exfoliating skin to uncover a more even and smoother texture chemical peel surrey
  • Can help minimize sun damage
  • Can help minimize pigmentation from acne scars
  • Can soften lines

Chemical peels can also be an affordable option to pricey lasers if those don’t fit your current budget. You can also get impressive results in a single treatment, vs. having to make several appointments.

Have we piqued your interest? Call us to book an appointment for a chemical peel in Surrey today! We would love to get you on the right track to your new, healthy glow!


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