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The Aging Process from Your 20’s to Senior Years


When you’re in your twenties, you tend to think you’re invincible. The thought of getting older doesn’t really cross your mind. You indulge in drinking, smoking, and lots of sunbathing, all of which can start to take a toll on your skin.

Things to focus on in your twenties:

• Have a daily skin care routine for morning and night with quality products.
• Always wear sunblock, regardless of the weather. Just because it may be cloudy, doesn’t mean that you aren’t still being harmed by UV rays.
• Limit alcohol consumption
• Quit smoking
• Consider Botox and skin resurfacing in your later 20’s – it pays to be proactive!

In your thirties and for the remainder of your life, you want to focus on the same preventative measures as you did in your twenties, but the fact of the matter is, you’ll be faced with more stress and your skin will start losing collagen and elastin. You’ll notice more fine lines and other visible signs of aging. This is the age range where Botox, dermal fillers, and laser treatments start to become a necessity.

In your forties and fifties, you will start to notice a much greater change in appearance, especially if you have not proceeded with any type of cosmetic facial procedures. Your face loses volume, your skin will sag more, you’ll have to work extra hard in the gym to tighten up parts of your body, and your eyes and temples may appear more sunken. This is the best time to consider surgical procedures, not to completely change your look, but to make you look like a better version of your existing self. More refreshed and youthful with a confident glow!

As you enter the senior years (60+), you’ll have the same issues as your forties and fifties…they’ll just be more prominent. This is when more invasive surgical techniques will be required to make an impact.
The more you know about the aging process, the better off you’ll be, both in terms of aging gracefully, as well as seeking out certain procedures that can shed years off of your face. When considering any type of surgical procedure, ensure you are visiting a surgeon who is reputable and board-certified. They know all of the procedures inside-out, so they will recommend whatever is best to achieve your desired results.

Don’t fear aging. Fear not taking care of yourself to look and feel your very best throughout your life!

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