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Melanoma Is A Lot More Prevalent Than You May Realize

Visual examination of the mole for the presence of malignant neoplasms. Prevention for detecting skin cancer and melanoma.

It’s one thing to get cosmetic facial procedures to look and feel your very best, but it’s so important to not lose sight of the fact that you need to protect your skin as well.

Did you know about these estimated statistics from the Canadian Cancer Society for 2020?

  • 8000 Canadians will be diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer (4400 men & 3600 women)
  • 1300 Canadians will die from melanoma skin cancer (870 men & 450 women)

Pretty alarming, right?

When skin cancer is detected early, followed by treatment, the chances of survival are much higher. This is why you really need to keep on top of your health.

Check your skin on a regular basis for any changes. The more often you check, the easier you will notice that something is different. This means examining every square inch of your body in a well-lit bathroom. Use a handheld mirror so you can check your back or ask someone to help you.

Things to look for:

  • Moles that have changed shape, size, or color
  • Sores that don’t seem to be healing
  • A growth that is irritated or itchy
  • Red patches (may be rough and/or scaly)
  • Raised bumps or lumps that have an indentation
  • Smooth, shiny bumps or lumps that are pink, red, or pearly white
  • Areas that look like scars that appear yellow or pale white

What do you do if you notice something?

Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. It’s always better to have things checked than assume it’s no big deal. It could literally save your life!

Your doctor will look you over and possibly refer you to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. They may also order a biopsy to rule out cancer.

What else can you do to be proactive?

  • Stay out of the sun as much as possible in peak hours, when the sun is most intense.
  • Avoid tanning. Sure, it can boost your confidence to have a nice tan, but it’s way safer and healthier to use a tanning cream or get a spray tan for the desired effect. Please note that tanning beds are the most dangerous culprits, increasing your chances by 75%.
  • Always wear sunscreen (even on cloudy days and in the winter) with an SPF of at least 30. Apply it often. If you are in the Surrey, BC area come see us for high quality skincare products.
  • Wear protective clothing, such as long sleeves, sunglasses, and hats.

People often think that melanoma is the type of thing that happens to other people. Remember, that no one is immune to this. It’s ALWAYS a million times better to be safe, than sorry.

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