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Why You Don’t Have to be Fearful of Dental Implant Surgery

Handsome young dentist is showing his beautiful client dummy jaw and smiling

The thought of dental implants can seem overwhelming, but in the big scheme of things, it’s a fairly minor procedure. This is partly because everything is mapped out ahead of time. There are no “unknowns”.

Worried about getting anesthesia? Don’t be. Dental implant surgery can be done with local anesthesia, meaning the surgeon numbs the site where the implant is placed, as well as the surrounding tissues. Therefore, you don’t have to stress about getting put to sleep. You’ll be awake, but very comfortable, and aware as to what is going on.

Does the thought of it still make you feel extra anxious? Your surgeon can also provide you with an anti- anxiety or sedative medication to ease your nerves.

Fearful of the pain AFTER the procedure is complete? Some people may require a more intense pain reliever, but you’ll be pleased to hear that most people find aspirin or ibuprofen to be sufficient for the discomfort.

Your implant sites will heal quite quickly, with a very high success rate. Then it’s just a few weeks for the bone integration to take place before your surgeon attaches the crown, and you’ll be set for several years with a strong, confident, and beautiful smile. Sounds pretty amazing, right?!

For dental implants in Surrey, please call us to book a consultation today..and regain confidence in your smile!

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